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That time of year

It's that time of year!

This looks like an empty classroom near Cambridge.

Which it is.

But this coming weekend it'll have 4 candidates for the RYA ENS course.

And for 14 weeks (one evening a week from September to December!) it'll have 5 candidates for a Day Skipper theory course.   This is a private class for a local boat club,  so all the candidates know each other.

The organiser tells me that they are all looking forward to it,  but experience tells me that there will be some trepidation.   The organiser came to my class some years ago,  so he knows me and knows what kind of a friendly taskmaster I am.   But the candidates don't know me and some of them will worry.   Will I punish them with PowerPoint?   Will I hurry through information that they can't grasp?   Will I take the time to help them through the tricky bits?   And will we have a chuckle when we standeasy?

From the September for 14 weeks you,  too,  could feel the fear and learn enough navigation to pass Day Skipper theory exams.

All the information you need is here.

Why not join us?

John Starkie

August 2023

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